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Online Training - WordPress Tutorial Workshop

Planning a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) site? All the information and tutorials you need to get your WordPress site up and running are here!

Regular Price: $75.00

Promotional Discount: 40% off with coupon: WPWKS101

  • Over Four Hours of Videos - Detailed videos walk you through every aspect of setting up, configuring, and using WordPress
  • Over 150 pages of Guides and eBooks - All the material in the videos is in the guides and ebooks plus addtional background and advanced techniques and tips.
  • Themes and Design - Detailed guides and videos on how to find the right theme and then how to install it.
  • Plugin Recommendations - Learn about the key plugins available and get help installing and configuring those plugins
  • SEO and Social Media - Wordpress comes SEO ready, and there are a number of SEO and Social Media enhancements that we can recommend and help you configure
  • HowTo Videos - Help on all of the major tasks for using and managing your WordPress site.
  • Workshop Groups - Share and learn from other workshop members about themes, plugins, tips, and tricks.
  • Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center) - An online work center that guides you, step-by-step, through the process of building your website. After your website is complete, this becomes an educational center for helping you enhance and expand your website. The Dev Center also includes a full Help Desk to ensure you get the help you need at the lowest possible cost.
  • Extra Support - Purchase extra support when you need it for: Design, Technical Issues, Programming, eCommerce and General Consulting.

Why WordPress for Your Website?

WordPress has become a major player in small business website development. This is because of the exploding number of enhancements that can be easily added by a novice. Every marketing and SEO program can be instantly installed and configured. The benefits for small business are:

  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Ease of managing content
  • Tools for managing promotions and visitors
  • SEO and Social Media plugins
  • Integrate your blog to your website

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