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WordPress Migration Services

Liven up your old tired HTML site by moving over to a responsive WordPress site!

"SonicSpider recently converted my website to Word Press. I decided to take the opportunity to update my site in the process. My website is so much better than I ever imagined! Melanie presented me with so many great ideas and options to make the website better. She is so creative... and I am thrilled with my new website!"

-Deborah Brischler, Home Staging Solutions

How can we help you?

Are you suffering from WordPress envy?? You may have noticed that many of the new sites coming on line have new and interesting designs along with built in SEO and other marketing tools. WordPress has exploded in the last few years with thousands of new themes and plugins to allow you to create an affordable website with features that would have cost an arm and leg just three or four years ago.

The problem you face is getting started, and we have come to your rescue! Let us help you with your Wordpress move!

We have put together a number of Migration packages that will fit your individual needs, from "just get me started" to full turn key migration. You can add training, and ongoing technical support as you need it. In addition you will have access to a complete set of WordPress eBooks to help you become your own webmaster.

Core Wordpress Migration Package Features

These are the basic features and services available in all migration packages.

  • Move old site to 3 month temporary backup site. This allows you access to all of your old content as you decide what to move and what to update.**
  • Install WordPress (Does not include technical issues with your hosting provider)
  • Install core administration utilities: Backup and Security tools
  • Minimum of one hour WordPress Training or Theme consultation session (via Phone)
  • Minimum of one hour online Technical Support or Graphic Design assistance through Dev Center***
  • Basic training guides and videos to get you started.

**At your request we move your static website to our development servers so you can access your old website files during the migration. This allows you to "cut and paste" content and compare design issues as you work on your new site. This service is available for 3 months from the date of the request.

***All technical support, maintenance packages and configuration services are serviced and managed through our Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center). The Dev Center helps you manage your services at your own pace. You can see at a glance what services you have used in the past and what time remains. This helps you get the most out of your maintenance package.

Note on Content Migration - Migrating content involves the cutting and pasting of content from you old website "AS IS". We clean up minor formatting issues based on the WebTech's discretion and move any images found within that content. Any additional formatting and editing MUST be done by you.