How We Do It...

Our Unique Website Process

One of the most important parts of having a website customized or built new, is understanding all the steps that go into this process. This page will introduce the basic processes and how the RightStart System™ works. We have enhanced and streamlined the web development process to make it easier and more affordable for you.

We have re-invented website development and reduced it to five easy steps:

1. Step One - Choose the website development service you need.

  • We have different ways to develop your site:
    • Free WordPress Site - Do-It-Yourself Sites - Quick and Simple with purchase of Sonic Hosting subscription. Low as $6/month. We install WordPress, provide extensive training materials and one hour of technical support.
    • Custom Classic HTML Site - Keep to a classic website (static HTML) to which you can add tools and plugins to fit your unique needs.
    • WordPress Setup Packages - Setup packages that range from the basic do-it-yourself starter to a full featured custom website. With the complete custom site, the "whole thing" is developed for you. Then you can manage your own website using content management, blogging, SEO and Social Media.
    • Customizations and Enhancements - Your WordPress site needs a facelift or a new feature, and you need help. We are WordPress experts and can help you with anything ranging from a complete redesign to targeted help on a very specific problem - from themes to plugins to eCommerce.
    • Migration - Unhappy with your current site but want to retain the content and basic functions? We have WordPress Migration packages that are specifically designed for that unique purpose.

2. Step Two - Purchase Service

  • Our payment plans** allow you to make 3-9 easy payments for your website.
  • Full one-time payments save money.

**Payment plans require that you are hosting your website in the Sonic Hosting for the duration of your payment plan. Please read the Payment Plan requirements for details. A small payment plan fee may be required.

3. Step Three - Develop your website with our online system and resources.

  • Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center)
    • Online worksheets designed to manage the process in small well defined tasks.
    • Always know the status of your website as it is being developed.
    • Resources educate you on web technologies and online marketing techniques using ebooks, guides and videos.
    • Development time ranges from two to six weeks and depends on your involvement.

4. Step Four - Launch your Site. You are now live on the web!

  • Well defined processes leads to well defined results.
  • Finished is a feature and we want to make sure you are using your new website as quickly as possible.
  • No vendor lock-in, YOUR website is ALL yours, no proprietary hooks or dependencies.

5. Step Five - Maintain your success online!

  • Choose from our Addons (Classic) or Plugins (WordPress) to meet you growing needs.
  • Our Resource Center helps you keep up with new technologies and trends to help your business
    • Seminars with extensive videos and ebooks
    • eBooks on every major web topic
    • Guides, workshops, and tutorial videos so that you can do more yourself or at least better understand what you need help doing and what to expect.
  • Technical Services - SonicWebTech Program - Support when you need it. We have extensive support options that target your needs.
  • eNewletters to keep you informed of the latest trends, links to new articles and eBooks posted in the Resource Center
  • Two Blogs - RightStart and SonicWebTech - Regular articles, ebook and video announcements, and updates on the latest happenings in each area.
  • Our Help Desk means we always have your back.

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