Personal Coaching Services

Time is money! Why waste hours searching for how to do something for your web business or website?

Google+ has become the MUST DO online marketing platform!

Get up and running quickly and avoid costly mistakes and dead ends. We have Google+ experts to walk you through setup of personal profiles, business pages, authorship, and Hangouts. Get training on maximizing your search page position by building authority and trust with content marketing training.

Wordpress is the website builder of choice for small businesses!

Get personal training on maximizing your use of your WordPress site for content marketing. Make sure your onsite SEO and Authorship settings are Google approved!

Get Going Now!

Sessions can be scheduled right way to walk you through whatever problems you need help with. It can be ANY web technology problem. You will get the help you need, quickly and affordably, right at you own office or home.

First time sessions are a minimum of thirty minutes because of possible setup requirements.

Additional sessions can be as little as 15 minutes or as long as you need. Session tokens are for 15 minute increments.