Personal and Group Coaching Services - Google+, Search Marketing, WordPress, PayPal and more...

Personal Coaching Sessions

Do you need immediate personal help with Google+, SEO or Search marketing, Wordpress, setting up a PayPal button or any other web technical issue?

Sessions can be scheduled right way to walk you through whatever problems you need coaching with. It can be ANY web technology problem. You will get the help you need, quickly and affordably right at you own office or home.

Note: First time sessions are a minimum of thirty minutes, because of possible setup requirements. Additional sessions can be as little as 15 minutes or as long as you need.

Group Coaching Workshops - Affordable personal help

Do you know some other business owners that are needing help in the same areas?

If so, you can get together in a group coaching session, or even schedule a series of coaching sessions and get the personal hands-on help you need and also learn from the problems that your friends are having as well. We can also pair you up with others that have similar needs. Minimum group size is 2 persons.

A group coaching workshop utilizes a private Google Hangout to bring your group together. The session length is based on the number of members in the group (at least a 10 minute allowance per person per session). This can cost as little as $10 per group member per session. (Depending on the number of session tokens you purchase at one time). The topics should be basically the same but the individual problem issues can be very different.

General Coaching Features

These are the basic features and services available in all coaching sessions

  • Pre coaching session support - List your problem areas and get setup and preparation tips so that you can get the most out of your personal or group sessions.
  • Post coaching follow-up - Your coach can post additional information or provide follow-up answers and solutions that were discussed during your sessions.
  • Easy to use Google Hangouts. (For more intense personal help we also have Remote Desktop support with SimpleHelp)
  • Coaching is purchased with Tokens. These tokens are priced based on the number of tokens you purchase. The price of a token can also be redeemed for other services if you end up not needing more coaching.
  • Personal session tokens are based on time.
  • Group session tokens are per session.


***All technical support, maintenance packages and configuration services are serviced and managed through our Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center). The Dev Center helps you manage your services at your own pace. You can see at a glance what services you have used in the past and what time remains. This helps you get the most out of your maintenance package.