Classic Site - Stick to what works

  • Streamlined Development Process - Review our 'Development Process' for details,
  • Three Levels of Features - We have selected three combinations of features to fit your needs. You can add pages and enhancements at any time.
  • Web Standards - HTML/CSS -Industry-wide standards that are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) ensure cross browser compatibility. These standards also ensure that you get the maximum value from your SEO investment
  • Custom Domain - Custom domains are available at SonicSpider Domains. If you use the payment plan option then your domain must be part of the SonicSpider system (SonicSpider is the parent company of RightStart Websites). Pre-existing domains can be transferred.
  • Tools & Addons Available - We have a collection of tools and add-ons from image and video galleries to social media tools to eCommerce and RSS feeds.
  • SEO Basic Setup - Your site comes standard with basic SEO settings active and configured.
  • Hosting Available - First month free as low as $6/month with Sonic Hosting Services.
  • Sonic Development Center - An online work center that guides you, step by step, through the process of building your website. After your website is complete, this becomes an educational center for helping you enhance and expand your website for your business. The Dev Center also includes a full Help Desk to ensure you get the help you need at the lowest possible cost.
  • Payment Plans Available - Payment plans help you spread the cost out over time so you can better manage your cash flow. Certain restrictions apply.

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