Benefits of the RightStart Program

Why is the RightStart Program The Best Choice in Affordable Website Development?

  • It's easy! We have everything planned out in detail and every step is clearly documented. You don't get lost, in the maze of buzz words and hype. You do get a professional affordable start to your business online presence. Choose a feature level from one of our many services or contact us for “quick recommendations” via email.
  • All of our Classic HTML websites are built by hand, which means that they follow W3C web standard guidelines, making them visible to search engines and affordable to maintain. No templates, no shortcuts, no kidding.
  • Free WordPress Sites. Let's be honest, nothing is really free - but it is as free as you will find because you will also get the support and information you need to succeed. Most hosting services provide a free WordPress install - that is it, that is all you get. What is different with the RightStart Free WordPress service is we don't leave you hanging. Our service goes much further FOR FREE!. Included with your free site is one hour of technical support, and an extensive series of guides and videos to get you started and teach you how to use your WordPress site. ALL FREE! So for the price of hosting you get a LOT of value to get you started RIGHT!
  • WordPress Setup - From DIY starter to full development. Don't have time to do it all yourself? We get you setup and started with customizations, plugins and training with four different levels of assistance. The WordPress content management system is easy to administer and has the lowest learning curve for beginners.
  • Made in the USA. We don't pawn you off to some bargin basement developer or technical support person on the other side of the planet. We keep strict control of the quality and require strict adherance to web and support standards. We take it personally.
  • You own the website files! A lot of inexpensive website options do not allow you to own the website files and you run the risk of losing your website. Everything we do your is is YOURS. You can move your site to another system (That does take a bit more skill than most beginners have, so we have support services to help you if you need it.)
  • Start simple and grow when your business grows. The RightStart team is ready to help you expand your website to respond to your business needs. Start with one of our simple packages and then expand into a larger package, upgrade your website design or add online tools! Our SonicWebTech Program provides more advanced technical assistance with eCommerce solutions, shopping carts, PayPal consulting and programming and general custom programming and consulting packages.
  • There is always a human behind your website. Our RightStart program is highly automated to help save you money. However, you are welcome to talk to someone on our team with questions about the process. We also offer customization consulting so that you can go beyond the basic package format. Our Help Desk ticket system is full featured and ensures your questions get routed to a web pro for a solution.
  • Online Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center). After you purchase any of our services you will be given access to our online Sonic Development and Resource Center that will walk you step by step through the development process and the materials we need from you to begin working on your website. As part of that Center we maintain a library of videos, seminars and ebooks on a wide range of web topics.
  • Remote Desktop Help. Part of the Dev Center system is a Remote Desktop help system that allows us to log into your computer and provide personal hands-on help so that you can do more for yourself.
  • We have full e-commerce services that you can add to your website at any time to make your site earn money.
  • Online tips and advice. We have a blog, Facebook page and Google+ pages to connect with our clients online and provide free advice and tips.
  • Meet Up Groups. For our local clients we run a Meet Up group in Oceanside, CA. Come join us for free tips and advice. The seminar videos and linked ebooks are available to all members and are also found in the Resource pages of the Dev Center. For more information on Meet Up times and topics, click here
  • Get cash back on referrals through our affiliate program. Everyone can sign up and get up to 10% cash back on any referrals to our programs.

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