Professional, Low-Cost Website Development,

Training, and Tech Support - We Make it Easy!


  • Choose from a wide selection of website development, training, and support packages that are targeted to a wide range of needs.
  • Purchase just the services that you need NOW and add more as you discover more needs later.
  • Development, Support and Training - in our online "Sonic Development & Resource Center".
  • Delivery is a Feature with our Dev Center system of projects, worksheets, videos, guides and other resources.
  • Maintain and Grow with a wealth of support and training resources, and access to expert technical assistance whenever you need it.

How We Have Revolutionized Web Development and Support for the Small Business

Using the RightStart System™ we have created website development, support and training packages that start out small and simple but have the "right" foundation to ensure that you can grow and expand as you need it - all at amazingly low prices! The entire process is carefully controlled and managed with no "fluff", so you get the website, training and support you need quickly and easily. As a client, you will become a member of the Sonic Development and Resource Center, where you have access to learning materials: Video, Guides, How-To's, and a wealth of other resources to grow and develop your site RIGHT... at your pace, as you see the need.

What is "Right" About RightStart?

We provide all technical services and website development right the first time! All training, guides and ebooks reflect the best practices used in the industry. We make sure all of our website coding is built to what is called "Web Standards" which is a set of guidelines developed by the W3C (A governing body that works with Internet and browser development). By adhering to these standards and "best practices", we ensure that all of our website services have the best chance of functioning properly online, and can easily be expanded and modified when needed by any qualified technician. We are technology agnostic in that we avoid the "If you have a hammer, everything is a nail" mentality.

Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center)

The foundation of the RightStart System™ is our Development and Resource Center (Dev Center).. This is custom designed to reflect over 25 years of project management skills in which we manage all web development projects, technical support and training so that you can do more things yourself, and do it right.

The Dev Center

Our Development and Resource Center guides and informs you as we work on your project using online worksheets. Worksheets are specifically designed for major projects, as well as smaller support, consulting, and training needs. Each type of worksheet is specialized to guide and inform you so that you get the best value for your time and money. Worksheets are the means of communication between you and your WebTech, as well as to document what has already been done and what needs to happen next.

All worksheets are monitored by the RightStart staff, affilates or contractors that are linked to your project. When you, the customer, need help it is just a click away. Through this worksheet and notification system you will know exactly what needs to be done and where you are in the development or support process, confident that you know exactly what is happening and what is next in the process.

The Resource Center

We provide you with all the resources you might need to understand your choices and how to complete each task. If you are interested in knowing more, we have made available a library of eBooks that cover many topics in greater detail. All of these resources are available to you as long as you remain a customer.

Sonic Help - Remote Desktop Assistance and Personal Training

There are times when videos and ebooks just don't work and trying to guide and help you via phone is cumbersome in the visual world of computers. To solve that problem we have the "Remote Assist" system that allows your WebTech to log into your computer and watch and assist you directly. You both see the same thing, and this avoids time consuming "misdirections" and delivers the help you need quickly.

The Help Desk

Though we try hard, It is impossible to anticipate all possibilities, so we have a Plan B. That Plan B is our Help Desk system. This system ensures your question gets answered by our staff and does not get lost in the shuffle or in junk email filters.

Where is the phone number?

To keep our prices as low as possible we have streamlined our communication with our clients via the Dev Center worksheet and notification system and the Help Desk. Email is only a convenience and of last resort. Because of junk and spam filters, email can be unreliable. Phone calls can eat up time and are are used only when necessary to clear up small details -but they still need to documented, which means "double duty". You can also click the "Ask A Web Pro" button on every page on this website to get in contact with us quickly about any question you might have. Later, when you are in the Dev Center, you can create a Help Desk ticket that is routed to the correct staff member. Even with all of that, there may be times when a phone call is the best way to resolve a sticky issue. Give us a "best time" and we will call you!

We have a more extensive discussion of our RightStart System™, that we kiddingly call the "RightStart Manifesto", where we drill down to all of the specific processes and analysis that we used to develop this system. Click the blue bold "RightStart System™" anywhere on this page to view this more extensive discussion.